Worthy of Publishing

Worthy of Publishing

Publish your novel for free online


  • Easy uploading process
  • Rate other users' work and get your own rated
  • Read top rated self-published novels


  • Plain, unappealing interface
  • Lacks interactive features like a forum

Not bad

Worthy of Publishing is a useful site that allows aspiring writers to upload your unpublished novels to share with a community of writers.

Similar in nature to Authonomy and Inkpop, Worthy of Publishing gets your work in front of an audience of avid readers, other writers and potentially even publishers.

Worthy of Publishing users can upload novels of a variety of genres. From there, you can browse other uploaded works, leave comments and even rate other users' novels. If all goes well and your own submission becomes popular, you'll get ratings and comments on your work too.

A big draw to web apps like Worthy of Publishing is the chance of being rated highly enough to catch a publisher's attention. Unfortunately, Worthy of Publishing offers very little by way of interactive features or incentives (such as actually getting top-rated authors in touch with publishers or editors), making the site feel a little less polished than others of a similar nature. The site's design is also very basic and not particularly eye-catching. While it's true that content should be the key focus, many potential users might search out more visually appealing options after a quick look at this site.

Worthy of Publishing is certainly a good way to gain online exposure for your novel, if you can get over its plain outward appearance.

Worthy of Publishing

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Worthy of Publishing

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